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PARKER Jotter Royal Blue Fountain Pen
PARKER Jotter Royal Blue Fountain Pen
PARKER Jotter Royal Blue Fountain Pen

PARKER Jotter Royal Blue Fountain Pen

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Jotter has been a true design icon for 60 years.

Attractive colors and a distinctive shape, as well as an arrow-shaped clip: the Parker brand symbol and new elements:
- barrel profile adapted to the aesthetics of Jotter pens,
- a new arrow-shaped clip,
- rounded ring,
- triple metal ring on the barrel,
- graphics on a nib with three arrows.


Masterfully crafted stainless steel fountain pen. Body of the fountain pen made of stainless steel, ground, coated with a deep blue varnish. Polished stainless steel tip and clip. Black plastic front and stainless steel nib with F or M writing line width.

In Parker gift box. NOTE: The case contains a cartridge that is placed in the package.


Parker Jotter Fountain Pen in Royal Blue: An Icon of Style and Elegance

For over six decades, the Parker Jotter fountain pen has stood as a true emblem of design and sophistication. This Royal Blue rendition continues the tradition, offering a unique writing experience and a design that endures through time.

A Design that Sets It Apart

The Parker Jotter stands out with its distinctive shape and arrow-shaped clip, an unmistakable hallmark of the Parker brand. This version introduces new elements that elevate its aesthetic to another level: a body profile that seamlessly aligns with the Jotter pen line, a redesigned arrow-shaped clip, a rounded ring that adds a touch of elegance, and a triple metal ring that highlights the quality of its construction. Additionally, the nib features graphics including three arrows, a distinctive feature of this special edition.

Mastery in Stainless Steel

The Parker Jotter Royal Blue fountain pen is a true masterpiece of stainless steel engineering. The pen's body is meticulously crafted in this noble material, providing durability and an impeccable finish. The surface is coated with an intense blue lacquer that not only accentuates its beauty but also adds an extra layer of protection.

Details that Make the Difference

The impeccable polish of the stainless steel is reflected in the nib and clip of the pen, adding a touch of shine and elegance to its design. The front features an accent in black plastic, providing a harmonious contrast to the royal blue tone of the body. The nib, made of stainless steel, is available in two writing widths: F (fine) and M (medium), allowing for a personalized and smooth writing experience.

Exceptional Presentation

The Parker Jotter Royal Blue fountain pen arrives in a Parker gift box, which not only protects this work of art but also adds a touch of luxury to the owning experience. It's important to note that the box includes an ink cartridge that is placed in the package, ensuring you can enjoy your pen from the very first moment.

The Parker Jotter Royal Blue fountain pen is more than just a writing instrument; it's an expression of style, elegance, and quality. With its six-decade legacy and timeless design, this pen becomes an inseparable companion for those who appreciate excellence in every detail.

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