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Parker Jotter Fountaine Pen Original...

Parker Jotter Fountaine Pen Original Blue

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Parker classic fountain pen in a completely new setting. This fountain pen holds the next generation of fountain pen users. The colors and details of the finish change, but Parker's hallmarks remain unchanged - the highest quality products at a relatively favorable price.
The attractive color is combined with the characteristic of Parker shape of the fountain pen and the arrow-shaped clip. These are real Parker symbols recognized around the world!
Classic enriched with a pinch of fantasy. Stand out thanks to the beautiful color of the Parker Jotter fountain pen.
Impress your surroundings with the interesting color of your fountain pen.
The profile of the fountain pen body is matched to the aesthetics of Jotter pens, you can create a set. The rounded finishing elements give the impression of subtlety. The nib is decorated with graphics with 3 arrows.
Fountain pen made of high quality black plastic. Stainless steel cap and clip. The front part is made of black plastic and the nib is made of stainless steel with a width of writing line F or M.
NOTE: The set comes with a cartridge that is included in the package.


The classic Parker fountain pen has been reimagined in an entirely new setting, appealing to the next generation of fountain pen enthusiasts. While the colors and finishing details have evolved, Parker's core values remain unchanged: products of the highest quality at a remarkably accessible price point.

The alluring color harmoniously complements the distinctive Parker shape of the fountain pen, along with its globally recognized arrow-shaped clip – authentic symbols of the brand.

This classic has been enriched with a touch of fantasy. The Parker Jotter fountain pen stands out with its charming color, allowing you to make a statement in any environment.

Impress your colleagues and friends with the intriguing color of your fountain pen. It's not just an exceptional writing instrument, but also a statement of style and refinement.

The body profile of the fountain pen has been tailored to reflect the unique aesthetics of Jotter pens, enabling you to create a perfectly balanced ensemble. Rounded finishing elements add a subtle impression of elegance, while the nib is adorned with graphics featuring three arrows, a distinctive detail of this special edition.

This fountain pen is meticulously crafted from high-quality black plastic. The cap and clip are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and a touch of sophistication. The front, also in black plastic, and the stainless steel nib are available in two writing widths: F (fine) or M (medium), allowing for a personalized and smooth writing experience.

Important Note: The set comes with an ink cartridge, providing everything you need to start writing the moment you open the package.

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