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Kaweco Cleansing Syringe

Kaweco Cleansing Syringe

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The Kaweco Syringe for Fountain Pen Cleaning is an essential tool to maintain and restore the optimal performance of your Kaweco pens, removing obstructions and ensuring smooth writing.


The Kaweco Syringe for Fountain Pen Cleaning is a clever and effective tool specifically designed to keep your Kaweco pens in pristine condition. For years, it has been the go-to solution in Kaweco's customer service for pens experiencing blockages or scratchy nibs.

This device consists of a 20 ml syringe to which an empty cartridge sleeve and a piece of rubber hose are attached. When used, the syringe generates the optimal pressure needed to flush out impurities and residue accumulated in the pen. In doing so, it expels dried ink remnants and particles that might interfere with the writing flow, restoring the pen to its original state.

The Kaweco Syringe is not just a cleaning tool; it's also an instrument that renews the joy of writing. With regular use, you ensure that your Kaweco pens perform optimally and accompany you for many years.

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