Oriental Calligraphy Set 9pcs.

    Oriental Calligraphy Set 9pcs.


    Oriental Calligraphy and Ink Set consisting of 9 pieces.


    Oriental Calligraphy 9-Piece Ink Set: Immerse yourself in Creative Mastery

    Discover the pure essence of Oriental calligraphy with the Oriental Ink 9-Piece Set, an exceptional set that takes artistic expression to new heights. This fabric-lined case not only houses the essential tools, but also becomes a sanctuary of creativity and tradition.

    Elegant Case:

    The case, lined with exquisite fabric, not only safeguards your tools, but also adds a touch of elegance to your calligraphy experience. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer safe storage and convenient access to your tools.

    Essential Tools:

    2 Oriental Brushes: Immerse yourself in the delicacy of calligraphy with two high quality oriental brushes. Each stroke becomes a masterpiece, capturing the very essence of oriental art.

    Circular Stone: The circular stone, a symbol of authenticity in oriental calligraphy, provides a perfect platform for preparing the ink. Its presence adds a traditional touch to the set, reminding you of the rich history that drives your creativity.

    Ink Stick: Supplies the essential ink for your creations. Rich in pigment, the ink stick ensures long-lasting, expressive strokes in every work.

    Marble Stamp: Add a personal touch to your creations with the marble stamp. This unique element not only provides authenticity, but also becomes your distinctive signature on every work.

    Mixing Bowl: The mixing bowl provides a dedicated space for mixing inks and experimenting with custom shades. It facilitates the creative process and adds a practical dimension to your art.

    Porcelain Stand: The porcelain stand not only serves as a stylish base for your tools, but also keeps your creative space tidy, allowing you to concentrate on your masterpiece.Perfect Sizes for Inspiration:Measuring 216 x 145 x 38 mm, this set is compact yet complete.Take the essence of oriental calligraphy with you wherever you go, allowing creativity to flow unrestricted.Explore Creativity and Tradition:

    This set is not just a collection of tools; it is an invitation to explore the creativity and rich tradition of oriental calligraphy. Each element has been selected and designed to inspire and elevate your creations to new heights.

    Immerse yourself in creative mastery with the 9-Piece Oriental Ink Set. Turn every stroke into an expression of art and let your creativity flow freely. Step into a world of tradition and elegance with this exceptional set.

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