Oriental Calligraphy and Painting Set...

    Oriental Calligraphy and Painting Set 11pcs.


    Oriental Calligraphy and Ink Set consisting of 11 pieces.


    Cardboard Box with Classic Oriental Calligraphy and Painting Materials: The Essence of Art in your Hands

    Explore the majesty of oriental art with the Classic Calligraphy and Painting Materials Cardboard Box. This exquisite set immerses you in the rich tradition of East Asian writing and visual art, providing authentic tools that spark creativity.

    Elegant Design:

    The carefully designed cardboard box is not only a functional container, but also a reflection of the refinement and simplicity that characterise Eastern art. Its minimalist design hides a treasure trove of classic tools that will transport you to the very essence of art.

    Classic Tools:

    Four Brushes: Immerse yourself in the mastery of calligraphy with four brushes of exceptional quality. Each brush, meticulously selected, offers a unique and fluid expression in each stroke.

    Black Ink Stick: The Black Ink Stick provides the perfect medium for your creations. Rich in pigment, each stroke captures the essence of oriental art, showing unparalleled depth and expressiveness.

    Sealing wax and stone stamp: Add a touch of authenticity to your creations with sealing wax and stone stamp. By stamping each piece with your own mark, these elements are not only tools, but also symbols of your artistic identity.

    Discover Beauty in Every Stroke:

    The Cardboard Box with Classic Oriental Calligraphy and Painting Materials is your gateway to a world of creativity and tradition. Discover the beauty in every stroke and allow your art to reflect the rich history that inspires your unique expression.

    Brush Rest: The brush rest not only serves as a functional support, but also adds an aesthetic dimension to your workspace, keeping your tools organised and ready to use.Porcelain Ink Bowl: This bowl is not only a container for ink, but a symbol of the delicacy and attention to detail in oriental calligraphy. It facilitates the mixing and use of custom inks.

    A complete experience in every stroke:

    The Classic Material Box is not just a set of tools; it is a complete experience. Each element has been precisely selected so that every stroke is an authentic expression of the rich East Asian artistic heritage.

    Perfectly Sized for Inspiration:

    Compact and portable, with thoughtful measurements (insert dimensions here), the box allows you to take the essence of Eastern art with you anywhere, allowing you to find inspiration in every corner of the world.

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