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CRETACOLOR Chunky Graphite Stick8B

CRETACOLOR Chunky Graphite Stick8B

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The oversize Chunky Nero produces an intensely black, shiny stroke which is smudge-proof and not soluble in water. Its chunky size means that it is comfortable to hold and is ideal for those large-format drawings and sketches on any paper.

Size: lenght 80 mm, diameter 18 mm


Discover the exceptional power and smoothness of the Cretacolor Chunky Graphite Graphite Stick, a must-have tool for artists looking for bold, extraordinarily smooth strokes in their work. This large graphite stick is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional and amateur artists, offering unsurpassed quality and exceptional performance in large-scale drawings.

With a length of 80 mm and a diameter of 18 mm, Cretacolor's Chunky Graphite stands out for its generous size, making it the perfect choice for artists who wish to work on large format projects. Being thicker than conventional graphite pencils, this graphite stick provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to work more smoothly and effortlessly during long creative sessions.

One of the outstanding features of the Chunky Graphite is its ability to produce bold, expressive strokes. Every line you draw with this graphite stick will stand out with a unique intensity, allowing you to add impact and depth to your artistic creations. Whether you're working on shading, contours or details, the Chunky Graphite gives you precise control and allows you to explore a wide range of artistic techniques.

The exceptional smoothness of the graphite used in the Chunky Graphite ensures a smooth, even glide across the paper. Each stroke will fade effortlessly, allowing you to create smooth transitions and subtle gradations in your drawings. This extra smooth quality of graphite gives you the freedom to play with different tones and textures, allowing you to achieve an impressive level of detail and realism in your artwork.

Cretacolor Chunky Graphite Graphite Stick is the perfect choice for artists who want to take their drawings to a new level. Whether you're working on sketches, illustrations or realistic drawings, this large graphite stick gives you a versatile and powerful tool. Plus, its exceptional quality guarantees a long life, allowing you to enjoy its superior performance over time.

In short, the Cretacolor Chunky Graphite Stick is an essential tool for artists looking for bold and extraordinarily smooth strokes in large-scale drawings. With its ergonomic design and generous size, it gives you precise control and a smooth drawing experience. Experience the power of the Chunky Graphite and take your artwork to the next level of expression and creativity

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