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Cretacolor Graphite Powder 150gr.

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Cretacolor Graphite Powder 150gr.

With our new artist's powder, we offer you unlimited possibilities for your artwork. Whether it's large-scale drawings, spatial design or the perfect staging of light and shadow, you can achieve anything with our marvellous powder. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, the pure powder is easy to use and offers you a wide variety of options. Simply work it with water or a binder and let your creativity run wild.


Cretacolor Graphite Powder 150g. Cretacolor Graphite Powder 150g is a revolutionary tool that broadens the creative horizons of artists of all levels. This versatile product opens up a world of possibilities in art, allowing the creation of works from large scale drawings to spatial designs and perfect manipulation of light and shadow.

The clear plastic jar containing this charcoal powder ensures its preservation and prolongs its shelf life. It is always on hand when you need it, ready to inspire your artistic creations. This carefully designed presentation ensures that the product is kept in optimum condition, ready to unleash your creativity at any time.

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