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Marius Fabre Natural Heather Honey Soap

Marius Fabre Natural Heather Honey Soap

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Without colorants or preservatives, Marius Fabre soaps contain only 100% vegetable oils. Much more economical than shower gel, they can be used to wash the body, face and hands. Particularly suitable for artists' hands, washing them in depth and respecting the skin.

This Marius Fabre soap is presented in an individual case. It is therefore the ideal product for your guests, for traveling or as a gift.


Marius Fabre Heather Honey Soap 150 g, palm oil free

Have you tried this Shea Butter Soap with Heather Honey scent? Its pleasant Provencal scent will brighten your day, while the shea butter it contains will leave your skin soft and silky. Ideal for cleansing the skin after working with paints.

  • 40gr.
  • 150gr.

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