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RHODIA Stapled notebook 80 sheets of...
RHODIA Stapled notebook 80 sheets of...
RHODIA Stapled notebook 80 sheets of...

RHODIA Stapled notebook 80 sheets of 80gr.

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Rhodia 80 sheet notebooks with 80 g superfine vellum paper. Avant-garde since its beginnings in 1934, the Rhodia Orange notebook, a transgenerational product, has come to symbolise the high-quality notebook par excellence. Contemporary versions remain faithful to the founding characteristics of the original stapled notepad, ultra-simple and ultra-practical.


These Rhodia notebooks have a timeless look, their manufacture has remained unchanged since the first notepads of 1934. The French specialist manufacturer CLAIREFONTAINE, which took over Rhodia a few years ago, has been able to stamp its mark of quality on the brand, while preserving the original essence.

The paper of these notebooks is white glossy, strongly glued and smooth, to which many writers and cartoonists have become accustomed, and the cover is made of sturdy cardboard. The blocks are stapled at the head and "sangrif", which means that the staples are inserted in the back of the box and are therefore neither visible nor dangerous.


- perfectly waterproof and flexible coated card cover

- 80 micro-perforated sheets for easy and clean removal

- 80 g of superfine white Clairefontaine vellum paper

- purple rectangle

- sangrif: staples do not appear on the reverse side

- rigid back cover for easy writing and portability

  • 5,2x7,5cm.
  • 7,4x10,5cm.
  • 7,4x21cm.
  • 8,5x12cm.
  • 10,5x14,8cm.
  • 11x17cm.
  • 14,8x14,8cm.
  • 21x14,8cm.
  • 21x21cm.
  • DIN A4
  • A4+
  • A3+
  • CUADRADO 5/5

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