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PEBEO SETACOLOR LEATHER Matte Satin Varnish 110ml.

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Matt satin finish varnish to protect creations from scratches or scuffs on leather or imitation leather.
Homogeneous appearance without scratches. Easy to use.


For optimal and long lasting results, protective varnishes should be applied. Available in 2 finishes: matte/satin or gloss. Thanks to the varnish you will obtain a perfect sealing of the color, protecting your work from scratches and wear, as well as from scratches and water. They can be worked with a brush, preferably wide and flat for a perfectly uniform finish, or with an airbrush without pre-diluting for gloss varnish, and with a mixture of 50% water / 50% varnish for matte-satin varnish. The matte-satin varnish must be mixed well before use. It is advisable to wait 24 hours before varnishing the creation. Tip: it is possible to obtain the desired finish by mixing the matte-satin and gloss varnishes. For a satin finish, mix 3 parts gloss varnish with 1 part matte-satin varnish.

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