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PEBEO SETACOLOR LEATHER Starter Box 5 Colors x 45ml.

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Pebeo Setacolor leather paint set. The starter box contains 5 colors of 45ml, a degreasing preparer and a brush.


The performance of Setacolor... on leather!
In this box:

    1 x 45 ml Preparer-Degreaser:

Auxiliary to prepare and degrease the support for optimum adhesion of colors.
To be used before the application of colors in bottle or with marker.

    5 x 20 ml Setacolor Leather:

Acrylic paint specially designed to make creations or repairs on leather or imitation leather.

    1 x Fine brush

Setacolor Leather is a range of acrylic paint specially designed to customize and repair leather and faux leather. This range offers a modern color chart composed of colors with unique effects: 23 MATES/SATINATED colors, 12 colors with effect: METAL, PURPURPURINE, FLUORESCENT, PHOSPHORESCENT and DUOCHROME, 10 FINE-TIPED COLORS, and 6 AUXILIARS to prepare, carry out and protect your creations. The colors are packaged in a 25% recycled PE bottle in 45 ml format, and the auxiliaries are available in 110 ml format.

The colors are applied on a support previously degreased with the preparer-degreaser of the range to remove the protective varnish that coats the support and degrease it for optimum adhesion of the colors.

The resistance of the range has been approved by the application of a test protocol based on 100,000 folds, but also by a wet rubbing resistance test after 200 cycles according to ISO 11998, demonstrating that the SETACOLOR LEATHER range is 3 times more resistant than the market standards.

Metal effect: 3 colors make up the range: METAL GOLD, METAL SILVER and METAL BRONZE. The colors become opaque when dry to reveal the metallic effect. Application on a dark support reinforces the effect.An infinite number of metallic shades can be obtained by adding a few drops of classic colors to the Metal Silver tone.They can be worked with a brush or airbrush by adding the range's thinner-clearer auxiliary.

Duochrome effect: The DUOCHROME category is UNIQUE and was created SPECIFICALLY by Pébéo to obtain changing colors once used, by the given movement and according to the light, on the customized parts.3 combinations of shades integrate it: Pink/Blue, Blue/Green and Yellow/Purple.The effect is revealed on dark supports.If you are customizing a transparent support, apply a black base coat.Can be worked with a brush or airbrush by adding the range's thinner-clearer.

Glitter effect: 3 PURPURPURINE colors complete the range: Golden Glitter, Silver Glitter and Iridescent Glitter.These colors contain a lot of glitter, for a very shiny side. To be used in transparency on the support, to work on a colored base or to mix with color. They must be applied with a brush (they are not compatible with an airbrush application). When wet, the result is "milky", but this effect disappears when dry to reveal the radiant effect of the glitter.

Fluorescent effect: 2 colors in this category: Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Pink. The application of fluorescent colors on a clear support should be prioritized, they have a transparent base.These colors can give life to a creation, as they have a real fluorescent effect.They can be worked with a brush or airbrush by adding the range's thinner/thinner.

Phosphorescent effect:It is applied in thick layer and in successive touches for an effect that stands out in the dark. Its application will reveal its effect much better in the dark if it has been previously exposed to light.They should be applied with a brush (they are not compatible with an airbrush application).


1/ I PREPARE my support

Preparer-Greaser*: Auxiliary that allows to prepare and degrease the support to remove the protective varnish that covers it and to degrease it for an optimal adherence of the colors. It can be used before the application of colors in bottle or marker.Soak an absorbent paper or a cloth with the degreaser-preparer and rub the support to be prepared.

* Hazardous product.Respect the precautions for use.Use only outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

2/ I CREATE and TRANSFORM the colors Setacolor Leather

Thinner: For airbrush use, it is recommended to make a 1:1 mixture (solvent and color) in order to obtain an optimum viscosity for a better airbrush passage.

This technique is very popular for the customization of sneakers.The result is uniform (as long as the airbrush technique is mastered) and leaves no trace of paint.This auxiliary also allows to dilute, fluidify and lighten Setacolor Leather colors when applied with a brush or airbrush without altering their properties (resistance, gloss, etc.) unlike dilution with water.

Glue: Auxiliary for gluing various materials (cotton, leather, polyester, etc.) and materials (beads, powder) on leather or synthetic leather.The glue should be applied only on the areas to be glued, and it is recommended to glue directly without waiting for it to dry.It is important to remove residues before the glue dries.

Masking gum: Drawing gum laminable once dry to make reserve areas on leather or synthetic leather, for drawing or writing.Application in thick layers.Drying time varies according to the thickness applied, approximately 30 minutes (possibility to accelerate drying with hair dryer).The bluish color allows to clearly identify the reserve areas, it darkens as it dries. It is possible to apply it directly on the support and then apply the color on it, once the eraser is dry, or to draw with an eraser on a color already applied and cover the masking eraser with another color to have a color reserve area and not the support uncovered.Once dry, the rubber simply peels off with your fingers when rubbing and within a maximum of 15 days after application.To obtain clean lines after lamination, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of color on the previously dried gum. The brush should be cleaned with soap and water.

3/ I PROTECT my creation

For optimal and long-lasting results, it is recommended to apply protective varnishes on the creations.

23 matte/satin colors

Ultra-resistant colors, perfect for coating and illumination. The color chart includes a selection of characteristic colors according to trends. Once the substrate has been prepared, they should be applied in thin, even coats for a uniform finish. The paint does not leave marks. The colors are opaque in a maximum of 3 thin coats. You must let dry at least 15 minutes between each coat so as not to re-dilute the lower layer (possibility of accelerating the drying with hair dryer). They can be worked with brush or airbrush by adding the auxiliary thinner-cleaner of the range.The colors can be mixed and offer the possibility of creating a wider range of colors, as well as gradient tones.Depending on the type of leather or synthetic leather, the colors can have a more or less matte-satin finish. To obtain the desired finish, use our matte-satin varnishes, gloss or a mixture of both.

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