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PEBEO SETACOLOR LEATHER Black and White Leather Marker Set

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Paint marker specially designed for leather or imitation leather.

Extra fine tip for working details on smooth surfaces. For best results, before using the marker, apply the degreasing
the degreasing preparer of the Setacolor Leather range.

Fluidity of application. Opacity of colors.

Store in horizontal position. Avoid freezing and heat.


Pébéo innovates in this technique by offering a range of 10 colors of markers specially designed for Leather and Synthetic Leather. With an extra fine tip, you can easily work on the personalization of leather and synthetic leather supports when starting out in the activity. This marker is ideal for drawing, writing and working details or flat areas (without stripes), to be used alone or overlapped with Setacolor Leather colors. The shades are identical to those in the 45 ml bottle. For fluorescent shades, preferably applied on light surfaces. Before use, it is important to shake the pen well with the cap closed. The activation of the tip is ultra-fast, do not press too hard or for too long because the color may leak out of the tip. Close the pen tightly after use to prevent the tip from drying out. Store in a horizontal position.

A bag with 3 replacement tips is available. If the tip dries out or clogs, it is easy to replace. Remove the white wick holder, then hold the white foam under the metal tip with two fingers to remove just the tip. Replace with a new metal tip and screw the wick holder back on.

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