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Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr
Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr
Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr
Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr
Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr

Amperse Watercolor Pad 200gr

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Amperse sketch pads are ideal for drawing or sketching. These sketch pads have 50 sheets of 140gr paper with a medium grain that allows you to work with dry techniques perfectly. Each sheet is micro-perforated, which allows you to remove your work from the pad and file it more easily. The composition of the high quality paper allows erasing without damaging the surface.


Introduce a world of creativity and artistic expression with the exceptional Amperse Sketch Pads. Meticulously designed to meet the needs of artists and drawing enthusiasts, these pads are an essential tool for capturing your ideas on paper with precision and style.

Each Amperse sketch pad features a set of 50 sheets of 140-gram paper, providing a solid, sturdy foundation for your creations. The medium-grain texture on the paper is a perfect choice for dry techniques, allowing you to explore your artistic skills with pencils, charcoals and pastels flawlessly.

The micro-perforation carefully incorporated into each sheet gives you the freedom to pull out your masterpieces easily and cleanly. This not only facilitates the process of presenting and displaying your works, but also allows you to file them in an organized and protected manner.

What makes Amperse Sketchpads stand out even more is the exceptional quality of the paper. This material has been precisely chosen to allow for trace-free erasure, ensuring that your artwork maintains its integrity and clarity throughout the creative process.

Whether you're an experienced artist or an enthusiastic beginner, Amperse Sketchpads offer a perfect canvas for your ideas, inspirations and artistic expressions.
Discover the difference a high-quality paper can make in your artwork, and elevate your art to the next level with Amperse.Featured features:

    50 sheets of 140 gram paper
    Medium grain ideal for dry techniques
    Micro-perforation for easy removal and archiving
    High-quality paper that allows erasing without leaving traces


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