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SEED SLENDY + Aluminium Holder Eraser...
SEED SLENDY + Aluminium Holder Eraser...

SEED SLENDY + Aluminium Holder Eraser Ultra Thin 125x37x7mm.

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The SEED SLENDY Plus redefines precision in corrections. With its ultra-slim 125x37x7mm design and sturdy aluminium eraser holder, this eraser is not only an essential tool for perfectionists, but also a reliable daily companion. Produced by Seed, a Japanese brand with over a century of eraser excellence, the Slendy Plus combines design and functionality, making it perfect for detailed mistakes and precise erasures.


The SEED SLENDY Plus is the result of over 100 years of experience of Seed, a renowned Japanese brand in the world of erasers. Meticulously designed, this ultra-thin eraser measures 125mm long, 37mm wide and has a slim 7mm thickness. Its compact design makes it an ideal tool to take anywhere, whether in a pencil case or directly in your notebook.

What really makes the Slendy Plus stand out is its aluminium holder, a sturdy holder that ensures the protection and durability of the eraser. Equipped with a clip, it can be easily attached to notebooks, diaries or pockets, making it easy to access quickly when you need it.

The eraser itself is refillable, which prolongs its lifespan and ensures sustainable use. With a tip measuring just 6 mm wide, the Slendy Plus is especially efficient for correcting small mistakes and making detailed erasures without damaging the paper.

In addition, Seed offers a variety of colour options, with 4 shades available to suit your personal preferences. Made in Japan, the Slendy Plus is synonymous with quality, precision and reliability.

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