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SENNELIER Odorless Essence
SENNELIER Odorless Essence

SENNELIER Odorless Essence

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Slow evaporating solvent, does not deteriorate during storage. Does not leave traces when drying. Very little odoriferous, so it is perfectly suitable for artists who are sensitive to solvent odors.

Sennelier Odorless Essence is a high quality product available in our online store. This essence is specially formulated to eliminate the strong and unpleasant odors associated with oil painting and other artistic mediums. With our odorless essence, artists can enjoy the painting experience without the hassle of intense aromas that often accompany traditional oil painting. This product is ideal for those who are sensitive to odors or who wish to work in enclosed spaces without worrying about olfactory discomfort. Discover the freedom to create without restrictions and without interruptions thanks to Sennelier Odorless Essence.


Sennelier Odorless Essence is a must-have for any artist working with oil paint or other artistic mediums that tend to generate strong, unpleasant odors. This essence has been carefully formulated to completely eliminate odors associated with oil painting, allowing artists to fully enjoy their creative process without any olfactory interference.

One of the main advantages of Sennelier Odorless Essence is its ability to neutralize odors without adding any additional scent. This means that it will not alter the colors or properties of the artistic media used. Artists can work with confidence knowing that their work will not be compromised by any unwanted modifications to the final result.

In addition to its effectiveness in eliminating odors, this essence offers other significant advantages. For example, it is an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to odors or who suffer from allergies. By working with Sennelier Odorless Essence, artists can avoid any respiratory discomfort or nasal irritation that the strong odors of oil painting might cause.

Sennelier Odorless Essence is also especially useful for those working in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces. Because it does not emit strong odors, it is possible to create in studios, rooms or any other environment without worrying about the build-up of unpleasant smells. This provides greater comfort and makes it easier to concentrate on the art without distractions.

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  • Frasco 1000ml.

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