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SENNELIER Venice Turpentine
SENNELIER Venice Turpentine

SENNELIER Venice Turpentine

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Dries the oil deeply. It can be mixed (2% maximum) directly with the Oil Color or with the dilution solvents, at the rate of a few drops (10 maximum) per 10 ml. An excess of siccative is a disadvantage for the quality of the paint finish.

Discover Sennelier's Venice Turpentine, a traditional and high quality solvent for your oil paints. With its purity and effectiveness, this turpentine offers a reliable solution to dilute and clean your oil colors. Experience the authenticity and excellence of Venice Turpentine in your artwork.


Sennelier Venice Turpentine is a premium quality solvent used in oil painting. Traditionally extracted, this turpentine is known for its purity and effectiveness in the dilution of oil paints, as well as in the cleaning of brushes.

By using Venice Turpentine, you will be able to dilute your oil colors optimally, achieving the desired consistency for your artwork. In addition, its effective solvent power allows you to clean your brushes effectively, eliminating paint residues and keeping your tools in excellent condition.

Sennelier Venice Turpentine is characterized by its authenticity and exceptional quality. Its characteristic aroma and purity make this turpentine a reliable choice for professional and amateur artists looking to obtain the best results in their artwork.

Experience the authenticity and excellence of Sennelier Venice Turpentine in your oil paintings. Take advantage of its purity and effectiveness in dilution and cleaning to obtain exceptional results in your artwork. Discover the traditional solvent preferred by the most demanding artists.

  • Frasco 30ml.
  • 118ml.

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