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SCHMINCKE Gouache Extrafine Titanium...

SCHMINCKE Gouache Extrafine Titanium White

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Dive into a world of gouache colors with Schmincke's Extra Fine Titanium White. Available in a range of 48 vibrant shades, these gouaches are crafted with the highest quality pigments and gum arabic. Their opacity is entirely natural, with no added whites, ensuring exceptional brightness and depth in every color. With HORADAM® GOUACHE, you have the flexibility to apply it directly from the tube or dilute it with water to suit your preferences. Moreover, it blends seamlessly with other Schmincke gouache series to create unique effects. The colors dry to a matte surface, taking on a slightly lighter hue.


Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality gouache painting with Schmincke's Extra Fine Titanium White. This exceptional range of 48 colors offers a complete palette that caters to artists and creatives of all levels. Each tube is meticulously formulated with the purest pigments and traditional gum arabic, ensuring impressive saturation and opacity in every application.

What truly sets this gouache apart is its purity. No artificial whites are added for opacity, meaning each color is achieved naturally, providing a unique depth and vibrancy. The pigment concentration is so high that it translates into exceptional luminosity, even in the most subtle shades.

The versatility of HORADAM® GOUACHE is another of its great strengths. It can be applied directly from the tube for intense and bold colors, or diluted with water to create delicate nuances and transitions. Furthermore, it blends seamlessly with other Schmincke gouache series, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Once applied, the colors dry to a matte and uniform surface. This not only enhances the color tone but also provides an appealing texture for your artworks.

From amateur artists to the most discerning professionals, Schmincke's Extra Fine Gouache Titanium White becomes an essential tool in any palette. Discover the difference that quality and craftsmanship can make in your artistic projects.

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