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Hahnemuhle Bookmark Pad 5,5x20cm....
Hahnemuhle Bookmark Pad 5,5x20cm....

Hahnemuhle Bookmark Pad 5,5x20cm. 300gr. 100% Cotton

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Hahnemuhle Bookmark Pad

Create beautifully designed bookmarks and put a smile on your face or that of a loved one with a very personal gift. The Hahnemühle bookmark pad is for all creative people. With pre-cut bookmarks you can get started straight away, there is no need for tedious cutting from a standard sheet of watercolour paper. This heavyweight 100% cotton 300 gsm watercolour paper is highly absorbent and can hold several layers of watercolours. It is also a perfect basis for self-designed collages that can be created on bookmarks instead of a painted picture. Featuring the popular Hahnemühle “Expression Watercolour” paper which is surface sized and has a cold pressed structure. Perfect for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, or fine liners. The surface sizing makes it easy to use masking tape and masking fluid without tearing the paper surface. The pad is glued to the top and contains 15 bookmarks in 5,5 x 20 cm format and can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. Sceneries or animals such as whales can be created in landscape format, while floral motifs adorn the bookmarks in portrait format. There are no limits to its use. Be creative.


Hahnemuhle's Bookmark Pad is the perfect choice for those looking for a limitless creative experience. This pad features an exceptional watercolor paper, made of 300 gsm and composed of 100% cotton. The quality of the paper not only offers an absorbent surface, ideal for watercolor layering, but also serves as a perfect base for various artistic techniques such as gouache, acrylic and thin strokes.

The highlight of this pad is its practicality. The bookmarks come pre-cut, eliminating the need for tedious cutting from standard sheets of watercolor paper. This allows creatives to immediately dive into their project without wasting time on preparations.

The paper used in this pad is from Hahnemühle's renowned "Expression Watercolour" line, known for its surface size and cold-pressed structure. The glued surface at the top of the pad facilitates the use of adhesive tape and masking fluid without fear of damaging the integrity of the paper.

With 15 bookmarks in 5.5 x 20 cm format, this pad offers versatility in portrait or landscape orientation.

Users can let their imagination run wild, creating everything from stunning landscapes to detailed floral motifs.It is even possible to experiment with creating bookmarks depicting animals, such as whales, in landscape format.In short, the Hahnemuhle Bookmark Pad combines quality, practicality and versatility to meet the needs of the most demanding artists.Whatever your creative vision, this pad will provide you with the perfect platform to make it a reality - discover the joy of creativity with the Hahnemuhle 100% Cotton 300g/m² Page Marker Pad!

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