Set of 5 ABIG Linocut Gouges in a...

    Set of 5 ABIG Linocut Gouges in a cardboard box


    For lino and soft wood cutting, we especially recommend our popular lLino Cutting Set sold into millions. Very often requested by schools or training. It contains a beechwood handle, which has a unique blade remover for an easy and safe nib changing and five specially selected cutting nibs. This versatile set comes attractively packed in a plastic box, with separate nib compartement


    This lino cutting nib set, attractively packed in a cardboard box, allows as well easy as different kind of cuttings, as there are fine cut, wider cut, 3mm or 4mm wide cut or clean edge cut.

    The nib remover makes nib changing easier and safer.

    The wooden handle is supplied with a moveable ferrule which grips the nibs firmly.


    Technical information:

    - Lino cutting nib set with 5 different nibs,

    - handsharpened and polished,

    - with U-shaped shaft made of 0,4 mm hardened steel:

    - Small V-shaped blade

    - Hollow U-shaped blade 3 or 4 mm

    - Sharpened blade

    - including a wooden handle, fitted with moveable ferrule

    - Nib remover

    - attractively packed in a cardboard box,

    - Weight: 36 g

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