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ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus Fountain...
ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus Fountain...

ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus Fountain Ink 50ml.

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Dokumentus is the world’s first fountain pen ink conforming to the resistance requirements of DIN ISO 12757-2. It has been tested by the „Papiertechnische Stiftung Heidenau“ (Paper Technology Foundation in Heidenau), an independent standards body which has certified that this ink can be used by registrars for official documents.

New technology and high quality raw materials used to formulate this new pH-adjusted ink guarantees permanent and archival writing. Comfort of writing with a fountain pen was the main focus of this new product development. Do make sure to replace the cap on your fountain pen after use to prevent blockages in the nib. Beyond this no special care is needed!


ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus Fountain Pen Ink 50ml is an exceptional choice for those writing enthusiasts who are looking for a high quality and reliable ink. With its special formulation, this ink offers a smooth and fluid writing experience, as well as excellent water and fade resistance.

One of the outstanding features of ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus ink is its ability to produce sharp and precise strokes. Its highly pigmented formula ensures intense colour saturation, resulting in sharp, legible lines. Whether you are writing notes, letters, diaries or creative work, this ink will allow you to capture your words with impressive clarity.

ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus ink is especially appreciated for its water resistance. This means that your writing will not be affected by splashes of water or accidental spills. In addition, this ink is fade-resistant, ensuring that your documents and writings retain their original appearance over time. Whether you need to ensure the legibility of important documents or want to preserve your artistic creations, this ink gives you the confidence and durability you need.

The 50ml bottle presentation of ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus ink provides you with a generous amount of ink to enjoy long writing or drawing sessions. The bottle is designed with a narrow neck for easy filling of fountain pens and other writing instruments. In addition, its airtight cap ensures that the ink is preserved, preventing unwanted spills or leaks.

ROHRER & KLINGNER is recognised as a renowned manufacturer in the world of fountain pen inks, and the Dokumentus line is a clear example of its commitment to quality and excellence. This ink has undergone rigorous testing and is made with high quality ingredients to ensure optimum performance and a satisfying writing experience.

In short, ROHRER & KLINGNER Dokumentus 50ml Fountain Pen Ink is an ideal choice for those looking for a high quality and reliable ink. Its smooth flow, water and fade resistance, together with its presentation in a 50ml bottle, make it a versatile and durable choice. Whether you are a writer, artist or calligraphy enthusiast, this ink will allow you to express your creativity with exceptional quality and a rewarding writing experience.


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