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Karin Pigment Decobrush Markers
Karin Pigment Decobrush Markers

Karin Pigment Decobrush Markers

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Pigment DecoBrush markers give artists creative freedom.
Their opaque paint can be used on paper, metal, glass, plastics, wood, fabrics and many other materials. The opaque and matte paint allows you to use them also on dark substrates, with techniques that were previously inaccessible to other markers. Works made with these markers do not bleed through paper.


The use of Pigment DecoBrush markers is similar to that of acrylic paints, but much more convenient thanks to the marker format, with a flexible nylon tip in the shape of a brush. The colors can be mixed until the paint is completely dry. The drying time of the paint depends on the surface to which it is applied. Once completely dry, the paint becomes water resistant, but even then it can be removed from most surfaces. To ensure the paint's resistance to
to scratches, it is necessary to cover it with a layer of enamel or varnish.
Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic, opaque paint made from organic pigments. They are produced with
liquid ink" technology, and thanks to this, unlike traditional technology, they make it possible to use 100% of the paint they contain.

Apply the paint from a marker on paper or another object.
or another object. Apply another layer of paint of another color and mix both colors. You will get a smooth transition effect between colors. Depending on the absorbency of the material
and degree of drying of the paint,
the tonal transitions may be different.
Touch the tip of the white marker with the tip of a marker of any other color while holding both in a vertical position for 5 to 60 seconds.
5 to 60 seconds. The bottom marker will temporarily take on the color of the top marker, allowing the effect of tonal shift from darker to lighter, or vice versa.
Connect the tips of two markers, holding them both vertically for 5 to 60 seconds. The bottom marker will temporarily take on the color of the top marker, allowing a smooth transition from one color to the other (you will get a different effect by changing the top marker to the bottom marker).

  • white 000U
  • bright orange 021U
  • red 032U
  • indigo blue 072U
  • pastel yellow 100U
  • canary 102U
  • gold 109U
  • ochre 110U
  • rose wood 124U
  • almond 155U
  • pastel pumpkin 156U
  • soft peach1. 169U
  • orange red 172U
  • soft peach2. 176U
  • rose pink 183U
  • pale pink 190U
  • poppy 199U
  • pastel red 203U
  • cerise 211U
  • antique pink 212U
  • magenta red 213U
  • burgundy 215U
  • pink 231U
  • lilac 259U
  • pale violet 265U
  • aubergine 267U
  • pastel blue 283U
  • egyptian blue 285U
  • sapphire blue 294U
  • duck egg 298U
  • azure 300U
  • pastel green 337U
  • ocean teal 340U
  • olive black 343U
  • green 347U
  • pastel light green 358U
  • grass 361U
  • olive green 371U
  • leaf green 376U
  • apple 382U
  • lime green 397U
  • cool grey1. 427U
  • cool grey2. 428U
  • cool grey3. 429U
  • black 433U
  • warm grey1. 434U
  • warm grey2. 435U
  • warm grey3. 436U
  • neutral grey1. 441U
  • neutral grey2. 442U
  • neutral grey3. 443U
  • henna 471U
  • sepia 477U
  • cool aqua 630U
  • praline 722U
  • sandstone 725U
  • cinnamon 730U
  • blush 1345U
  • pale orange 1355U
  • amber 1505U
  • pastel orange 1555U
  • peach 1575U
  • salmon pink 1635U
  • mango 1645U
  • copper brown 1675U
  • fire red 1788U
  • lipstic red 1797U
  • cocoa 1817U
  • pastel magenta red 1895U
  • pastel pink 2365U
  • red lilac 2405U
  • pastel red lilac 2562U
  • plum 2587U
  • pastel violet 2635U
  • pastel violet blue 2705U
  • royal blue 2728U
  • violet blue 2735U
  • aegean 2915U
  • light azure 2925U
  • true blue 2935U
  • turquoise 3145U
  • lush green 3285U
  • sulphur yellow 3965U
  • curry 3985U
  • Metallic Blue 8505
  • Metallic Black 8510
  • Metallic Green 8535
  • Metallic Light Green 8536
  • Metallic Violet 8545
  • Metallic Pink 8546
  • Metallic Silver 8580
  • Metallic Red Gold 8592
  • Metallic Gold 8595
  • Metallic Copper 8596

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