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Bamboo 100% Bloc CLAIREFONTAINE 250GR...

Bamboo 100% Bloc CLAIREFONTAINE 250GR 21 X 29,7 CM

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The Clairefontaine Bamboo block features a unique watercolour paper made from 100% natural bamboo, making it more eco-friendly than traditional watercolour blocks. The naturally white pages have a soft, warm hue characteristic of bamboo and an interesting texture, giving it a unique character and giving a unique style to every artwork created on it. Obtained through an acid-free production process, the paper has a neutral pH and is 100% vegan. With a weight of 250 g/m2, it is thick enough to keep the paint off the subsequent sheets, even when applying successive layers of paint. In addition to watercolour paints, it is also recommended for sketching, drawing with charcoal, pencil, sanguine, pastels and using mixed techniques.


Bloc Bamboo 100% Bloc CLAIREFONTAINE


Hard cover Ring-bound

PH Neutral.

Vegan Paper

Acid free paper.

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