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CLAIREFONTAINE Bloc Aquapad 300gr.

CLAIREFONTAINE Bloc Aquapad 300gr.

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Aquapad Watercolour Paper is a medium-fine grain paper for the wet technique that meets the needs of students and anyone looking for value for money. White paper made from 100% cellulose. The grain is pronounced on one side and almost smooth on the reverse. Glued on the inside and on the surface to meet the requirements of the wet technique for watercolour.


Discover Aquapad Watercolour Paper, a must-have for artists and students looking to explore the wet technique with comfort and excellent value for money. Designed with care and attention to detail, this medium-fine grain paper offers a versatile surface that suits a wide range of styles and techniques in the art of watercolour.

Made from 100% high quality cellulose, this white paper is the ideal choice for those who wish to achieve stunning results in their work. The pronounced grain on one side of the paper provides an attractive texture and greater pigment absorption, allowing for greater fluidity in the application of watercolour. On the other hand, the reverse side of the paper has an almost smooth texture, providing additional options for different effects and techniques.

To ensure optimum performance in the wet technique, Aquapad Watercolour Paper has been carefully glued on both the inside and the surface. This ensures greater resistance to moisture and prevents paint from spreading or being over-absorbed, allowing better control over pigment flow and colour mixing.

In addition to its exceptional quality, Aquapad Watercolour Paper stands out for its practicality. Each sheet comes in a standard, easy-to-handle size, making it easy to use in both studios and classrooms. With the security of having a paper specially designed for watercolour, students and artists can experiment without restrictions and achieve satisfactory results in every work.

In short, Aquapad Watercolour Paper combines excellent value for money with exceptional technical characteristics. Its medium-fine grain, cellulose quality, inner and surface sizing, and versatility make it a reliable choice for anyone wishing to explore and master the wet technique in watercolour. Don't miss the opportunity to take your artistic creations to the next level with Aquapad Watercolour Paper!

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  • DIN A3

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