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PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m....

PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m. Mix-Media 250gr. WHITE

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Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is an exceptional choice for artists and creators. With an extra-white white and a very light grain, this 100% cellulose paper is perfect for mixed media. Its heavy weight and good absorbency make it ideal for both dry and wet techniques, allowing for precise drawings and stunning results.


Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is a gem for artists and creators looking for a high quality, versatile paper. This exceptional paper, made from 100% cellulose and dazzling extra-white, is a perfect canvas for a wide variety of mixed media.

One of the outstanding features of Paint'On paper is its very light grain. This subtle and delicate grain provides a smooth and even surface, ideal for precise and detailed drawings. Each stroke glides effortlessly over the paper, allowing for optimal control of pencil and marker. With this paper, your creations will become astonishingly sharp and precise, capturing every detail with exceptional clarity.

The versatility of Paint'On multi-technique paper extends to its ability to adapt to different techniques. Its heavy weight and good absorbency make it perfect for both dry and wet techniques. For dry techniques, such as pencil and marker, Paint'On paper offers an optimal grip for smooth and precise strokes. Every line and every shade can be achieved with ease and confidence, allowing you to explore your creativity without restrictions.

In addition, this paper also proves to be an outstanding choice for wet techniques, such as gouache and acrylic. Its absorbency allows colours to adhere evenly and blend harmoniously. The light texture of the paper does not interfere with the desired effects, but enhances them, allowing you to achieve smooth and vibrant transitions. Express your ideas and emotions through fluid brushstrokes and vivid colours with the confidence that Paint'On paper will back you up with every stroke.

Not only is it an exceptional surface for artistic creation, but Paint'On multi-technique paper also stands out for its durability. Its 100% cellulose composition guarantees the longevity of your artwork, ensuring that it retains its original beauty over time.

In short, Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is an unrivalled choice for those looking for a superior quality and versatile paper. Its very light grain, dazzling white, adaptability to a variety of wet and dry techniques, and durability make this paper the perfect choice to take your artistic skills to the next level. Discover all that you can achieve with Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll and bring your most extraordinary creations to life!

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