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PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m....

PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m. Multi-technique 250gr. WHITE WITH GRAIN

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Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is a versatile, high-quality paper with two distinctive surfaces. With its pronounced grain for expressive works and its smooth side for precise drawings, this paper is ideal for mixed media. Suitable for pencil, marker, India ink, gouache and acrylic, it offers unlimited creative possibilities.


Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is an extraordinary product that will satisfy the most demanding needs of artists and creators. This high-quality paper is distinguished by its extra-white white and two distinctive surfaces, which offer versatile options for a wide range of artistic techniques.

One of the outstanding features of Paint'On paper is its double-sided design. One side features a pronounced grain that adds character and texture to your creations. This rough surface is perfect for techniques that are looking for a more expressive finish with personality. Each stroke leaves a distinctive imprint on the paper, creating a unique tactile and visual sensation in your artwork.

On the other hand, the other side of the Paint'On paper is smooth and specially designed for precise and detailed drawings. This smooth surface provides an ideal support for precise strokes and sharp lines. If you're looking to perfect every detail in your creations, this smooth surface gives you the precision and control you need to achieve stunning results.

This multi-technique paper is perfect for a wide variety of artistic techniques, both wet and dry. For dry techniques, such as pencil, marker and India ink, Paint'On paper offers a surface that allows for optimal grip and excellent pigment transfer. Each stroke glides smoothly over the paper, allowing you to express yourself fluidly and capture the desired nuances.

However, where Paint'On paper really excels is in its true potential with wet techniques. It is compatible with mediums such as gouache and acrylic, allowing for excellent absorption and even colour distribution. The paper's adaptability to wet media allows you to explore different effects, from soft blends to dense, vibrant layers. Experiment with the paper's versatility and unlock new creative possibilities in your artwork.

In short, Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is a must-have companion for artists and creators looking for a surface of exceptional quality. With its extra-white white and two distinctive surfaces, this paper offers the freedom to explore wet and dry techniques with stunning results. Whether you're looking for expressiveness and texture or precision and detail, Paint'On paper gives you the perfect platform to express your creativity in a unique way - discover the limitless potential of your artistic creations with Paint'On multi-technique paper roll!

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