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WINSOR&NEWTON Liquin Impasto Medium...
WINSOR&NEWTON Liquin Impasto Medium...

WINSOR&NEWTON Liquin Impasto Medium for Oil

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An improved version of Oleopasto. A slightly glossy impasto medium that holds brush strokes and spatula strokes well. Once dry, it forms a flexible and resistant film. It is the only medium that thickens oil colours without any risk. Ideal for working with a palette knife like Van Gogh!


Experience excellence in oil painting techniques with Liquin Impasto, the improved version of the traditional Oleopasto. This innovative impasto medium offers a unique experience in creating textures and effects in your artwork. Its slightly glossy formula allows brushstrokes and palette knife strokes to stand out impressively, adding depth and expression to your compositions.

One of Liquin Impasto's most outstanding features is its ability to hold strokes and brushstrokes, giving you exceptional control over paint application. You can achieve stunning visual effects, creating relief and volume with every brushstroke. Once dry, this medium forms a flexible and resistant film, guaranteeing the durability of your works over time.

Liquin Impasto distinguishes itself from other mediums by being the only one capable of thickening oil colours without any risk. Its ideal consistency and its ability to hold its shape allow you to work with confidence, without worrying about the paint overflowing or thinning. In addition, its application is simple and versatile, making it perfect for artists who wish to explore palette knife techniques, such as the iconic Van Gogh.

In short, Liquin Impasto is the perfect partner for oil painters who want to take their creativity to the next level. With this exceptional medium, you can achieve stunning textured effects, highlighting every brushstroke and stroke with unparalleled quality. Discover the freedom to create with confidence and experience the magic of oil painting with Liquin Impasto.

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