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Sennelier Satin Varnish for Paintings

Sennelier Satin Varnish for Paintings

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Fast drying synthetic resin based final varnish. Colorless and satin finish, non-yellowing and very resistant. Hardly reversible. It is applied on a perfectly dry paint. Solvent: turpentine essence.


Sennelier Satin Varnish for paintings is a high quality product that provides a satin finish and protection to your oil paintings. This varnish dries quickly and provides a scratch and dirt resistant surface. In addition, its transparent and durable formula does not yellow over time, ensuring the durability and protection of your artwork. Sennelier Satin Varnish is easy to apply and is recommended for use once the oil paint is completely dry. Get a satin finish and long-lasting protection for your oil paintings with Sennelier Satin Varnish for paintings.

  • Frasco 75ml.
  • Frasco 250ml.
  • Frasco 1000ml.

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