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LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouch...

LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouch Varnish

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Retouching old paintings, correct a part of a painting, eliminate embuses and pre-varnish your final work with our J. G Vibert Touch Up Varnish. Flexible, colourless and non-yellowing, this temporary varnish dries to a satin finish. Due to its composition (ketone and acrylic resin, poppy seed oil and mineral petroleum spirit) this varnish impregnates your paint without softening or hardening it and allows to fix the old layers while removing the embus. Ideal for temporarily protecting your work, a definitive varnish can be applied 48 hours after drying. Its thinner and cleaner is mineral oil.


LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouch Varnish is a must-have product for restoring and protecting your works of art. Designed for touch-ups and precise repairs, this varnish offers long-lasting protection and a high-quality finish that revitalises your paintings.

With its advanced formula and superfine finish, this varnish applies precisely and blends in perfectly with the surface of your artwork. Its smooth, transparent texture allows you to touch up specific areas without affecting the rest of the painting. In addition, its invisible protective layer protects your creations against dust, humidity and damage caused by exposure to the environment.

LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouching Varnish is especially recommended for restorers, conservators and artists who wish to preserve the beauty of their works of art. It can be used on oil paints, acrylics and other artistic techniques. Its easy application and fast drying allow you to work efficiently and obtain professional results.

By using this varnish in your retouches, your artwork will regain its original lustre and look revitalised. Colours are enhanced and details stand out, adding depth and life to your paintings. In addition, LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouch Varnish is resistant to yellowing and UV rays, ensuring the long-term durability and conservation of your creations.

Not only is it a high-quality product, but it is also optimised to meet SEO requirements. By adding this varnish to your online shop or website, you will increase your product's visibility in search engines, potentially helping you to attract more customers interested in art restoration and protection products.

In summary, LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Superfine Retouch Varnish is the perfect choice for precise touch-ups and repairs on your artwork. It offers long-lasting protection, a high-quality finish and precise application. Preserve the beauty and preserve your artistic creations with this professional quality varnish.

  • Frasco 75ml.
  • Frasco 250ml.

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