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HEREND Blue Squirrel Hair Brush RR-7600
HEREND Blue Squirrel Hair Brush RR-7600
HEREND Blue Squirrel Hair Brush RR-7600
HEREND Blue Squirrel Hair Brush RR-7600

HEREND Blue Squirrel Hair Brush RR-7600

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Blue Squirrel Natural Squirrel Hair Brush R7600

  • Material: High-quality blue squirrel hair
  • Handle: 25 cm made of special water-resistant wood
  • Features: High absorption and cohesion, precision in strokes
  • Comparison: Slightly stiffer than Petit Gris reference 5200


Blue Squirrel Natural Squirrel Hair Brush R7600

Discover the R7600 natural blue squirrel hair brush, an essential tool for artists looking for maximum precision and quality in their work. This brush is made from high quality blue squirrel hair, renowned for its exceptional absorbency and cohesion, ensuring smooth and consistent brushstrokes.

Natural blue squirrel hair is ideal for watercolour techniques and other applications requiring delicacy and control. This type of hair is characterised by its softness and ability to hold a large amount of paint, allowing an even and controlled application.

The R7600 brush features a 25 cm handle made of a special water-resistant wood, ensuring durability and comfort during prolonged use. Its ergonomic design provides a firm and comfortable grip, allowing artists to work with precision and without fatigue.

Unlike the Petit Gris model reference 5200, the R7600 brush offers a little more stiffness, which makes it perfect for precise and detailed strokes. This feature makes it a versatile tool, suitable for both outlining and accurate filling.

Key features:

  • Natural blue squirrel hair: Excellent absorption and cohesion for fluid brushstrokes.
  • Waterproof wooden handle: Durability and comfort during use.
  • Sharp strokes: Ideal for detailed work and techniques that require control.
  • Rigid compared to Petit Gris 5200: Greater versatility for different painting styles.

This brush is a must-have addition for any artist who values precision and quality in their tools. Whether for fine work or broader applications, the R7600 blue squirrel natural hair brush is the perfect choice to elevate your art projects to the next level.

Tipo de Pelo
Pelo Natural

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