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TINTORETTO Magneto ref.1477 Synthetic...

TINTORETTO Magneto ref.1477 Synthetic Watercolor Brush Vajo Kazán

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The TINTORETTO Magneto watercolor brush is an indispensable tool for artists seeking precision and control in their work. This synthetic brush is designed with the shape of the traditional oriental brushes in synthetic fiber imitating Vajo Kazan hair, which allows a more comfortable handling and greater precision in the strokes. In addition, thanks to its high quality, this brush is resistant and durable, making it a long-term investment for any artist. Get yours and take your art to the next level.


The MAGNETO futuristic brush was born from the study and redesign of traditional Asian writing and watercolor brushes.
Starting from the base of our most successful watercolor brush, the 1407 series created with the support of master Felice Feltracco, and inspired by traditional Chinese writing and watercolor brushes, highly appreciated by many masters in the industry, we have designed and created the 1477 Magneto brush.
While traditional Asian brushes have a cord on the handle for hanging (during drying or at rest) while preserving the shape of the fibers, these innovative brushes are made with a powerful magnet placed at the tip of the handle. They can be attached to any ferromagnetic metal support, but of course we also wanted to design T-Magneto, a special display stand with metal arms for hanging the 1477 brushes. By folding the arms over the central rod and disassembling the base, you can reduce their size to a single cylinder that can be conveniently carried in a briefcase along with the brushes

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