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TINTORETTO Beveled Synthetic Fiber...

TINTORETTO Beveled Synthetic Fiber Mottler Ivory 1545

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High quality, 100% cruelty-free brush, developed in collaboration with Felice Feltraco, the special softness of its synthetic fibres and its high water holding capacity are excellent characteristics that allow wide brush strokes without the need for repeated brush strokes to refill the brush. Ideal for medium to large watercolours, it is particularly suitable for spreading water or colour with the wet-on-wet technique.
It can also be used to create dynamism with graphic brushstrokes using dry techniques. The specially elongated design of the 1495 AQUAFLAT series handle allows for a smooth and controlled movement in wide layers.


The TINTORETTO Synthetic Fibre Brush Ref. 1495 is a must-have tool for artists looking to create smooth, even finishes on their artwork. The high quality synthetic fibre of this brush offers a high water holding capacity, making it easy to work with watercolours and other aqueous media. In addition, its ergonomic and comfortable to use design makes painting easier and more enjoyable than ever.

This palette is perfect for watercolour techniques, as well as other aqueous media such as tempera and gouache. Thanks to its flat, wide shape, the brush allows the application of large areas of colour with an even, smooth finish. In addition, its long, ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and firm grip, allowing for greater control and precision in the strokes.

The TINTORETTO Synthetic Fibre Brush Ref. 1495 is strong and durable, making it a long-term investment for any artist. With its high quality design and ease of use, this brush is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in painting and art in general.

Get the TINTORETTO Synthetic Fibre Brush Ref. 1495 and take your artwork to the next level!

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