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Blockx Watercolors

Blockx Watercolors

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BLOCKX watercolour is made from rare, light-resistant pigments that are very finely ground and coated in gum arabic and honey. On a quest for ex- cellence, Jacques Blockx has developed its 72 shades of watercolour with the addition of honey to increase the resistance of the colours over time and lend them greater brilliance and luminosity.


Made by hand in Belgium.BLOCKX watercolour has been made according to the same base formula since the beginning, with the best pigments on the mar- ket and high-quality gum arabic as a binder. This blend of fine com- ponents produces colours that are smooth and bright and create vibrant and luminous shades. Gum arabic and honey offer peerless quality of application and allow superb washes to be created.
Four generations later, great-grandson Jacques Blockx would write on his shade cards: “I guarantee maximum resistance and light for all my shades, which will allow you to lastingly ex- press all your watercolourist’s qualities through your works.” This original spirit has remained unchanged, with traditional methods and a single pigment quality: the best.