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PEBEO Studio Green Black Primer 475ml.
PEBEO Studio Green Black Primer 475ml.
PEBEO Studio Green Black Primer 475ml.
PEBEO Studio Green Black Primer 475ml.

PEBEO Studio Green Black Primer 475ml.

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EXTRA Primer EXTRA is a one-coat, adherent black primer for the preparation of surfaces to be painted. To be applied on clean, grease-free surfaces. Matt finish, fast drying.

The auxiliaries of the Studio GREEN range contain a 100% recycled resin, which generates 6 to 7 times less CO2 emissions compared to traditional binders and whose level of adhesion, strength, flexibility and durability is fully comparable to that of traditional acrylic resins. All these auxiliaries are miscible with each other to extend the possibilities of creation.


Pebeo Black Primer from the prestigious Pebeo brand, part of the Studio Green series, is an essential tool for any artist looking to achieve professional results in their painting projects. This extra black primer provides a solid and adherent base in a single coat, making it easy to prepare surfaces prior to paint application.

With Gesoo Black, the preparation of your canvases, panels or any other work surface becomes an efficient and effective process. Its advanced formulation ensures optimal adhesion, allowing subsequent layers of paint to adhere evenly and durably.

The key to its effectiveness lies in its ability to adhere to clean, grease-free surfaces, ensuring a smooth application and high quality results. Whether on canvas, wood or other substrates, Gesoo Black provides a solid and reliable base for your artistic creations.

In addition to its exceptional adhesion, this primer is distinguished by its matte finish, which adds an extra dimension to your artwork. The matt finish offers an elegant and professional look, allowing the colours and details of your artwork to stand out clearly and accurately.

Another highlight is the fast drying time of Gesoo Black.This means you can progress your project efficiently, without the lengthy wait often involved in the priming process. This feature allows you to save time and concentrate on what really matters: your creativity.

In summary, Pebeo's Studio Green Series Gesoo Black primer is an essential tool for any serious artist. Its ability to provide a high coverage black base in a single coat, its reliable adhesion and professional quality matte finish make it an unrivalled choice for surface preparation in your art projects.Take the opportunity to elevate your creations to the next level with this extraordinary primer from Pebeo.

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