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SAUNDERS WATERFORD 300gr. Glued 1...

SAUNDERS WATERFORD 300gr. Glued 1 side. 12hjs.

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Saunders Waterford pad 12 sheets 300g. Glued on one side. High quality 100% cotton watercolour paper with different grain sizes Satin, Coarse and Fine. Manufactured for centuries at St. Cuthberts Paper Mill, it is an excellent paper for both wet and dry work and is affordable compared to other brands. This paper follows the traditional manufacturing processes, keeping the qualities in composition of yesteryear. 

  • 23x31cm.
  • 31x41cm.
  • Grano FIno
  • Grano Grueso
  • Grano Satinado


Saunders Waterford Paper is made on a cylindrical machine from the purest cotton fibres. Saunders Waterford is available in block, roll and single sheet formats, and is characterised by its water resistance and beautiful colour, with homogeneous absorption of pigments and conservation of the original colour after drying.

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