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Bronze-Medium Schmincke 60ml.

Schmincke Bronze Medium 60ml.

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Schmincke Bronze Medium 60 ml, is presented as a binder, fixative and drying agent. Once dissolved from the Schmincke metallic pigments, adhesion and optimum fixation is achieved on any surface, the proportions should be 2/3 metallic pigment to 1/3 Bronze medium. The cleaning of the tools or brushes should be done with turpentine or other types of solvents. 


Schmincke Artist Artist Metallic Pigments Series 15 are formulated on the basis of real metallic pigments for oil, acrylic and watercolour/Gouache painting techniques. There are 5 colours available: deep gold, deep pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver. Genuine Schmincke artist's bronzes contain bronze or aluminium pigments. They are therefore very lightfast, more opaque and brighter than other metallic effect colours made of pearl lustre pigments - only suitable for interior objects!

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