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SCHMINCKE Horadam Metal Box 9 1/2...
SCHMINCKE Horadam Metal Box 9 1/2...

SCHMINCKE Horadam Metal Box 9 1/2 Godets + Tube Special Edition "Vintage".

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Metallic box special edition Vintage Box, Contains 9 colors in half godets format and a tube of white color in 5ml.

101 - tube 5ml.

9 Godets.
205, 346, 370, 498, 510, 516, 648, 654, 785


Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the past with the SCHMINCKE Horadam Metallic Box 9 1/2 Godets + Tube Special Edition "Vintage". This watercolor set will transport you back to an era of elegance and classic charm, bringing you exceptional colors and nostalgic presentation.

The metal box contains a carefully curated selection of 9 1/2 godets of SCHMINCKE Horadam watercolors, along with a special edition "Vintage" tube. The godets are pressed watercolor tablets that are placed in the metal box, allowing you to have your favorite colors always on hand and ready to use. The special edition "Vintage" tube is an exclusive addition that perfectly complements the selected color palette.

SCHMINCKE Horadam watercolor colors are known for their exceptional quality. They are highly pigmented, offering excellent lightfastness and long-lasting intensity in your artwork. The smooth, creamy texture of these watercolors makes them easy to apply to paper, allowing you to create layers, blends and washes with ease and precision.

The metal box not only protects and organizes your watercolor godets, but is also an object of beauty in itself. With a vintage and elegant design, this box is perfect to take with you anywhere and show off your unique artistic style. Plus, it features additional space for you to add your own custom watercolor godets or accessories.

The special edition "Vintage" tube is a treasure in itself. With its exclusive design and unique color, it adds a touch of distinction to your watercolor collection. This special tube has been created with art lovers in mind who appreciate vintage details and aesthetics.

Take advantage of this special edition SCHMINCKE Horadam and add a touch of retro elegance to your artistic creations. Whether you are a professional artist or just starting out in the world of watercolor, this set gives you a unique opportunity to explore the classic color palette and create works of art with a nostalgic touch.

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase the SCHMINCKE Horadam Metal Box 9 1/2 Godets + Tube Special Edition "Vintage". Discover why SCHMINCKE is the preferred choice of artists around the world and immerse yourself in the magic of watercolor with style and sophistication.

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