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SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Set...

SCHMINCKE Watercolor Horadam Set Supergranulation "Glacier" 3x5ml.

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SCHMINCKE Set Supergranulation "Tundra" 5x5ml.

The HORADAM® SCHMINCKE AQUARELL special edition "Supergranulation Watercolours" contains a total of 15 watercolours divided into 5 shades

each, series "Deep Sea", "Galaxy" and "Glacier". The special colours have 4 and 5 stars of lightfastness (????) and contain only pigments already known from the HORADAM® series. The opacity of the colours is mainly semi-opaque / semi-transparent.

Granulation is the property of pigments to combine in parts on paper. By combining at least 2 HORADAM® granulating pigments, this effect is intensified up to "supergranulation". The colours are formulated with pigments from different colour ranges, so that the supergranulation effect results in additional colour changes.

Please note! This new natural colour structure varies depending on the substrate and the amount of water used.

The rougher a paper is, the stronger the supergrain effect.


schmincke water colour set 5x5ml horadam supergranulates tundra consists of the following colours in 5ml tube formats. :

Tundra Violet, Tunda Pink, Tundra orange, Tundra blue, and tundra green.

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