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Giotto Be-Bé My Little Friends...

Giotto Be-Bé My Little Friends Creative Set

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Giotto Be-Bé My Little Friends is the perfect kit for children to bring their own colourful little friends to life. This creation set includes 14 super washable Giotto be-bè markers, safe scissors, a Canson Kids paper block, geometric masks and play dough to stimulate imagination and creativity. With smiley faces on the markers, this kit offers a fun and safe play experience that inspires artistic expression and experimentation.


Giotto Be-Bé My Little Friends is more than just a set of materials; it is an open door to a world of imagination and creativity for budding little artists. This kit offers children the opportunity to create their own super-colourful friends, giving them the freedom to shape unique characters and express their imagination in unlimited ways.

At the heart of this pack are the 14 super-washable Giotto be-bè markers, which are not only easy to use, but also feature fun smiley faces that turn colour into a real playmate. Children can colour, create and animate their creations with these vibrant markers that are safe and washable, ensuring hours of carefree fun.

The experimentation continues with the included scissors, designed to be safe for children. Perfect for cutting paper without sharp edges, these scissors encourage manual dexterity and safe hand-eye coordination.

The Canson Kids paper block, with 20 sheets of thick 200 gsm A5 paper, provides the perfect base for bringing characters to life. The geometric masks add another layer of creativity, allowing children to experiment with shapes and patterns in their creations.

The kit also includes 100 g of play dough, an exciting addition that allows children to add details such as eyes, noses and other elements to their little friends. In addition, a QR code inside the box offers access to exclusive creative ideas from illustrator Vittoria Facchini, further inspiring the creativity of little artists.

Giotto Be-Bé My Little Friends is the perfect gift to stimulate the imagination, encourage creativity and provide hours of fun and educational play for children.

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