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Giotto Be-Bé My Little Feet Finger...

Giotto Be-Bé My Little Feet Finger Paint Set

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The Giotto Be-Bé My Little Feet Finger Painting Set is a step-by-step invitation to creativity for the little ones. This set not only allows children to explore the world of art through touch and sight, but also develops motor coordination and encourages creative expression. With four vibrant, super-washable colours plus a high-quality paper pad, this set is the perfect recipe for transforming handprints into beautiful artistic creations and lasting memories.


The Giotto Be-Bé My Little Feet Finger Painting Set is much more than just a set of paints; it is an artistic experience designed specifically for young children, a creative adventure that sets the imagination in motion step by step.

This game dives into the world of emotions and memories, inviting children to explore art through touch and sight. It's an opportunity for little artists to develop their motor coordination while encouraging creative expression. How? Simple! By taking their feet out and letting them fly through the footprints that can become the basis for creating fun animals, little trees, colourful little flowers and much more!

Inside the box, you'll find everything you need to bring these beautiful creations to life. Four 100 ml jars of GIOTTO be-bè Finger Colours, specially formulated to be super washable and dermatologically tested, ensuring their safety and certification for children under 3 years old. These vibrant colours offer the possibility to create a variety of shades and play colour mixing, allowing children's creativity to flow unrestricted.

The set also includes a Canson Kids paper pad with 20 sheets of thick 200 gsm paper in A5 format. This paper is ideal for keeping little footprints and for children to create beautiful drawings that will become lasting memories over time.

As an added touch, inside the box you'll find QR codes that unlock a treasure trove of creative ideas created exclusively by illustrator Vittoria Facchini, providing additional inspiration for little ones' artistic adventures.

The Giotto Be-Bé My Little Feet Finger Painting Set is the perfect tool to stimulate creativity and turn playtime into unforgettable memories - let the fun and artistic expression start from the very first steps!

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