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Giotto Be-Bé Creative Set Little Creations

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The Giotto Be-Bé Little Creations Creative Set is the perfect tool to nurture the creativity of little artists. This complete set includes 12 super washable markers, 10 crayons, a glue stick, a Canson Little Kids album and 5 colouring templates. With easy-to-handle coloured paper and a smooth surface, this set allows children to create and colour unique crafts, encouraging their unlimited imagination.


The Giotto Be-Bé Little Creations Creative Set is the perfect ally to inspire creativity and artistic expression in little creators. Designed for children who love to explore their imagination, this complete set offers a variety of tools to create unique crafts and bring creativity into play.

Inside this set, you'll discover 12 super washable markers that allow children to create with vibrant colours without worrying about hard-to-clean smudges. These markers are ideal for drawing and colouring, giving them the freedom to experiment with different shades and hues.

The 10 super-clean crayons add another dimension to creativity. Perfect for soft strokes and colour blending, these crayons give little artists the ability to create unique textures and effects in their masterpieces.

The included glue stick makes it easy to glue craft pieces together, ensuring that each creation is durable and ready for display. It's an essential tool that encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Canson A4 colouring paper album with 30 sheets of 120 gsm coloured paper is the perfect canvas for artistic creations. Easy to handle and with a smooth surface, this paper is ideal for drawing, cutting and pasting, providing a solid base for the unlimited imagination of little artists.

In addition, the set includes 5 colouring templates, offering a creative guide for those looking for inspiration or simply wishing to explore new ideas.

Giotto Be-Bé Little Creations is not only a creative set, but a gateway to a world of fun and learning. Stimulating the imagination, encouraging coordination and offering hours of creative entertainment for growing little artists, let creativity flourish with this unique and complete set!

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