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FONTAINE Watercolor Paper 100% Cotton...

FONTAINE Watercolor Paper 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper 300gr 4-Side Glued Pads

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NEW Fontaine Watercolor Paper by Clairefontaine! The new acid-free bleached watercolor paper, made of 100% cotton with 300gr. in the purest tradition of Dutch watercolor papers.

Its extra-white tone is ideal for color work and luminosity. Thanks to its premium acid-free cotton and vegetable sizing, it is a paper that retains its strength and stability over time.

Contains 15 sheets: measures 10x15cm, 20x15cm, 26x18cm, 23x31cm, 36x26cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm.

Contains 12 Sheets: Measures 31x41cm, 51x36cm, 46x61cm,


Welcome to the world of watercolor art elevated to new heights with Clairefontaine's new Fontaine Watercolor Paper. This innovative watercolor paper has been meticulously designed to meet the most exacting demands of artists, offering exceptional quality that redefines standards in the art world.

Made from 100% cotton in the purest tradition of Dutch watercolor papers, Clairefontaine's New Fontaine Watercolor Paper is the result of years of experience combined with the latest papermaking technology. Weighing 300 grams, this paper provides a sturdy and durable base for your artistic creations.

What really sets this paper apart is its extra-white tone, carefully selected to bring out the vibrancy and luminosity of your colors. This pure white background acts as a canvas for your masterpieces, allowing each brushstroke to shine with intensity and clarity.

The key to the longevity of your artwork lies in the quality of the medium on which you paint. That's why Clairefontaine's New Fontaine Watercolor Paper has been manufactured acid-free, using the highest quality premium cotton. This paper is designed to stand the test of time, retaining its integrity and stability even after decades.

In addition, the vegetable sizing used in the manufacture of this paper ensures a smooth, even surface, perfect for the application of your watercolors. Whether you're creating vibrant landscapes, delicate portraits or expressive abstractions, this paper gives you the freedom and confidence to express your creativity without limits.

Experience the difference a premium watercolor paper can make in your artwork. With Clairefontaine's New Fontaine Watercolor Paper, every stroke comes to life with breathtaking intensity and depth. Take your art to the next level and discover the pleasure of painting on a canvas that matches your talent.

Don't settle for less. Get your hands on Clairefontaine's new Fontaine Watercolor Paper and unleash your true creative potential.


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Medidas: 10x15cm. 20x15cm. 20x20cm. 23x31cm. 26x36cm. 30X30cm 31x41cm. 36x51cm. 46x61cm. 26x18cm.
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31x41cm. €53.01 €37.11
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  • 10x15cm.
  • 20x15cm.
  • 20x20cm.
  • 23x31cm.
  • 26x36cm.
  • 30X30cm
  • 31x41cm.
  • 36x51cm.
  • 46x61cm.
  • 26x18cm.

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