Basic Creative Set Art Creation 118...
    Basic Creative Set Art Creation 118...

    Basic Creative Set Art Creation 118 piezas


    Art set complete with Royal Talens material. Includes 118 pieces of multiple techniques to create your works of art. All contents can be replaced individually. Contains: 1 pinewood box, 12 coloured pencils, 6 graphite pencils, 6 Bruynzeel fineliners, 8 watercolour tubes, 3 watercolour brushes, 1 Bruynzeel eraser and sharpener and a pad of 80 Talens Art Creation sheets in 21,5x28 format, 110gr/m.


    Maxi Creative Art 118 Piece Set: An Artistic Odyssey in a Complete Case

    Immerse yourself in a limitless creative journey with the 118-piece Maxi Creative Art Set, a complete art set that awakens your imagination and immerses you in a world of artistic possibilities. This exceptional set, with material from the prestigious Royal Talens brand, offers you a diverse range of tools to bring your artistic creations to life.


    Complete and Versatile Set: With 118 pieces, this set covers a wide variety of artistic techniques. From vibrant coloured pencils to precise fineliners, each item has been selected to give you the complete artistic experience.

    Royal Talens material: Royal Talens quality permeates every tool in this set, ensuring exceptional results with every stroke. Discover the difference high quality material can make to your artwork.

    Individual Replenishment: Versatility is found in the ability to replenish each element individually. You'll never run out of your favourite tools, allowing you to keep creating without limits.

    Pine Wood Case: The pine wood case is not only a stylish container, but also a statement of durability. Its practical design makes it easy to access each tool, keeping them organised and ready to use.

    Variety of Tools: From coloured pencils and graphite pencils to watercolour tubes and brushes, this set includes everything you need to explore various artistic techniques and discover your unique style.

    Detailed Contents:

    1 pinewood box12 coloured pencils6 graphite pencils

    6 Bruynzeel fineliners8 water colour tubes3 water colour brushes

    1 Bruynzeel eraser and pencil sharpener1 pad of 80 Talens Art Creation sheets in 21,5x28 format, 110g/m².

    Explore, Experiment, Create:With the Maxi Creative Art Set, every piece of artwork becomes a unique expression of your imagination.Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced artist, this set gives you the tools to explore, experiment and create without limits.Dare to Create Masterpieces: Elevate your artistic expression with the 118-piece Maxi Creative Art Set. Discover the joy of creating and let your imagination flow with every stroke - art is at your fingertips!

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