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Nakasato NURI-BAKE Goat's Hair...
Nakasato NURI-BAKE Goat's Hair...

Nakasato NURI-BAKE Goat's Hair Paletine NAHD

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Discover the essence of Japanese art with our Kyoto Nakasato watercolour brush, meticulously designed with goat's beard hair. Ideal for artists who value quality and precision in every brushstroke, this Nuri-bake combines tradition and exceptional performance for extensive watercolour techniques.


The Kyoto Nakasato Watercolour Brush is an essential tool for both amateur and professional painters. Designed with genuine goat's beard hair, this Nuri-bake is exceptional in its ability to hold and evenly distribute large amounts of water and pigment, allowing for smooth and extensive washes with watercolours.

Special Features:

Bristles: Exclusively uses goat's beard hair, known for its softness, flexibility and exceptional water holding capacity. The long, slightly wavy bristles allow for a smooth and consistent application.

Handle: The sleek, ergonomic wooden handle is designed for comfort and control even during prolonged painting sessions.

Dimensions: Perfectly sized for work on large substrates and for techniques requiring wide and uniform coverage.


Superior Absorption: Ideal for watercolour techniques that require a lot of water, allowing artists to express their vision without being limited by brush capacity.

Versatility: Although designed for watercolours, this brush is versatile enough to be used for other water-based painting techniques such as inks and gouaches.

Durability: Made from high quality materials, the Kyoto Nakasato paddle is built to last and maintain its performance with proper use and care.

Use   Caution:

To keep the brush in optimal condition, it is recommended to clean it with water after each use and let it air dry. Store in a cool, dry place to preserve the integrity of the bristles and wooden handle.


This palette is perfect for artists looking to explore and expand their watercolour technique, allowing the creation of backgrounds, large washes and even layers of colour with ease and efficiency.

With the Kyoto Nakasato Watercolour Brush, artists not only acquire a brush, but a piece of Japanese artistic tradition, guaranteeing a unique experience in creating watercolour art. Transform your art with this magnificent Nuri-bake and feel the difference in every brushstroke.

Medidas :

nº10 = 31 x Ancho 30 mm

nº15 = 31 x Ancho 42 mm

nº20 = 31 x Ancho 57 mm

nº25 = 35 x Ancho 75 mm

nº30 = 36 x Ancho 90 mm

nº40 = 41 x Ancho 120 mm

nº50 = 41 x Ancho 148 mm

Tipo de Pelo
Pelo Natural

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