Attention watercolour lovers! From 11 to 24 March, Cordoba will be transformed into the watercolour capital of the world with the 2nd International Watercolour Festival. With the participation of artists from 62 countries, this edition promises to be a feast for the senses. Here are the activities and artists that will make this event an unforgettable experience.

Key facts about the Festival:

The exhibition of the works can be visited in the Patio Barroco (Excma. Diputación de Córdoba) from 11 to 24 March.

More than 500 artists from all over the world presented their works.

A total of 238 works by talented artists were selected.

Eight masters of watercolour will visit us to share their techniques.

Invited artists:

Prafull Sawant

Tere Lojero

Julia Barminova

Andre Kano

Nicolas Angulo

Antonio Cosano

Nono Garcia

Camilo Huescar

Detailed Activities:

Thursday 14 March:

-10.00h. Guided tour of the historic quarter.

 -12.30h. Free Pleinair Painting in the surroundings.

-17.00h. Demonstration by Camilo Huéscar.

-18.00h. Demonstration Tere Lojero.

-19.00h. Demonstration Antonio Cosano.

-20.30h. Official Inauguration with Authorities.

Friday 15th March:

-10.00h. Guided Visit to the Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos.

-12.00h. Free Pleinair Painting in the surroundings.

-17.00h. Prafull Sawant Demonstration.

-18.30h. Demonstration Nicolás Angulo.

-19.30h. Demonstration Nono García.

Saturday 16th March:

-10.00h. Patios Viana Competition (Only for selected and invited artists). Visiting artists can join to paint without competing by booking at the link at the end of the post.

-14.30h. Jury Deliberation.

-16.30h. Demonstration Andre Kano.

-17.30h. Demonstration Julia Barminova.

-18.30h. Watercolourists Gallery of the Patio Blanco.

-20.00h. Awards Ceremony.

-21.30h. Closing Cocktail Celebration.

Sunday 17th March:

-10.00h. Guided Tour of the Mosque of Cordoba.

-12.00h. Painting in Patio de Los Naranjos (Mosque).

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