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Marius Fabre Black Soap with Olive Oil
Marius Fabre Black Soap with Olive Oil

Marius Fabre Black Soap with Olive Oil

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Very effective natural cleaner to clean everything at home, especially paint residues on paintbrushes and tools. Ecological and economical, it easily replaces more than a dozen household products.
Very practical in its 500 ml pump bottle, it will quickly become one of the essential products in your kitchen.
We manufacture our black soap according to an exclusive formula with olive oil - beware of counterfeits!


Cooked in a cauldron, our olive oil soap is made in our soap factory in Salon-de-Provence according to a traditional know-how of more than 120 years.
Unlike other linseed oil-based black soaps, Marius Fabre black soap is made with olive oil. Highly concentrated, it is this oil that gives it its beautiful dark brown color.
Made from vegetable oil, without solvents or colorants, Marius Fabre olive oil black soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Its highly concentrated formula makes it a truly economical product.

Marius Fabre olive oil soap quality chart
No dyes, no perfumes, no solvents.
Quality guaranteed by 4 generations of family know-how.

  • 500ml.
  • 1000ml.

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