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Das Paste Wood effect 1Kg.

Das Paste Wood effect 1Kg.

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DAS Wood is the new water-based wood clay for modeling, with soft wood fibers. Versatile and innovative, it is a professional paste for artists, designers, artisans, hobbyists but it is also suitable for occasional users and schools because it is easy to use and rewarding. Self-hardening in the air, it dries slowly and allows to create resistant and long-lasting wooden sculptures, which can be sculpted during the drying phase with gouges, spatulas and chisels and decorated once dry with paints and varnishes. It can be modeled in bas-relief and in the round, with sheet and rope, alone or with other materials, such as wood, glass, cardboard ... It is also ideal for up-cycling and restoration work


DAS Wood is an innovative water-based wood paste designed specifically for modeling, composed of soft wood fibers. This versatile and professional paste is intended for artists, designers, craftsmen, and creative enthusiasts alike. However, its ease of use also makes it suitable for beginners, schools, and occasional projects.

Its self-hardening feature in the air allows for gradual drying, enabling the creation of sturdy and durable wood sculptures. During the drying process, the paste can be sculpted with gouges, spatulas, and chisels, providing a unique creative flexibility. Once fully dried, the sculptures can be decorated with paints and varnishes for a customized and long-lasting finish.

DAS Wood is not limited to a single form of modeling. It can be worked in bas-relief and in the round, fused with veneer and cord, and used in combination with other materials such as wood, glass, or cardboard. This versatility further expands creative possibilities, offering an unlimited canvas for artistic imagination. Additionally, this paste excels in recycling and restoration projects, providing a sustainable and unique solution.

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