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HARDER & STEENBECK SILVERLINE Airbrush 2 in 1 by Vallejo

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Evolution Silverline - The universal genius

The two-in-one Evolution Silverline airbrush combines all the advantages of the Evolution range with a slim silver design, a solvent-resistant centre section and an innovative paint quantity regulation system. Thanks to the all-metal design, solvent-based paints can also be processed without any problems. With the paint quantity control, the lever stroke can be adjusted individually, which facilitates particularly fine work. The two-in-one Evolution Silverline range contains two nozzles of 0.15 mm and 0.4 mm and two cups of 2 and 5 ml.


Harder & Steenbeck Silverline: Airbrushing Excellence with Silver Elegance

Experience universal airbrushing excellence with Harder & Steenbeck's two-in-one Evolution Silverline Airbrush, a masterpiece that combines all the advantages of the renowned Evolution range with a distinguished silver design. This airbrush elevates the artistic experience with its solvent resistant centre section and innovative paint quantity regulation system.

Outstanding Features:

Silver Elegance and Robust Design:

The Evolution Silverline fuses functionality and style with a slim silver design that stands out in any creative environment. The solvent-resistant centre section ensures durability, allowing for trouble-free processing of solvent-based paints.

Innovative Paint Amount Regulation:

This airbrush goes beyond the conventional with an innovative paint quantity regulation system. Adjust the lever stroke individually for especially fine work, giving you precise control over your creations.

Versatility with Interchangeable Nozzles:

The Evolution Silverline two-in-one range includes two interchangeable 0.15mm and 0.4mm nozzles, offering versatility for a wide range of artistic techniques. Switch between fine detail and broader strokes with ease.

2ml and 5ml pots for All Needs:

With two 2ml and 5ml pans, this airbrush adapts to the changing needs of your art project. Switch between colours and concentrations with ease, allowing for a smooth transition between phases of your artwork.

Technical specifications:

Nozzles: 0.15 mm and 0.4 mm

Pans: 2 ml and 5 ml

Silver Design

Solvent Resistant Centre Section

Paint Quantity Control

Master the Art with Evolution Silverline:

The two-in-one Evolution Silverline Airbrush is not just a tool, it is a statement of elegance in the world of airbrushing. This universal genius invites you to explore new creative dimensions with the confidence backed by Harder & Steenbeck, a leader in the airbrush industry.

Special Note:

This product is part of an exclusive collaboration with Vallejo, bringing quality and innovation directly to your art projects.

Make the Silverline Evolution Airbrush your own and discover the power of airbrushing in style.

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