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VAN GOGH Oil Colors
VAN GOGH Oil Colors

VAN GOGH Oil Colors

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If you are looking for better oil paints, this Van Gogh range, produced in Holland, is ideal for you. This highly pasty oil paint provides excellent coloring power, a high level of pigmentation for intense colors, and a uniform degree of gloss and density. Easy to mix and apply. These oils are great for beginners, advanced students and working artists. Van Gogh oils are available in 66 colors, in various sizes and cases.


Van Gogh oil paints are the perfect choice if you are looking for the best oil paints for your artistic creations. This exceptional range of oil paints, produced in Holland, has been designed with discerning artists in mind who are looking for quality and amazing results in their works.

One of the outstanding characteristics of these Van Gogh oils is their great pastiness, which means that their consistency is dense and creamy. This special texture allows a smooth and uniform application, guaranteeing excellent coloring power in each brushstroke. The colors glide over the canvas with ease, providing a high level of pigmentation resulting in intense and vibrant shades.

The color palette of Van Gogh oils is simply stunning. With a variety of 66 colors available, you will have at your disposal a wide range to explore and express your creativity without limits. From soft and subtle tones to bold and striking colors, you'll find everything you need to bring your ideas to life on canvas.

Ease of blending is another highlight of these oils. Thanks to their high-quality formulation, the colors blend effortlessly, giving you the freedom to create infinite ranges and custom shades. Whether you are a beginner experimenting with color mixing for the first time or a seasoned artist looking for precise results, Van Gogh oils will allow you to achieve the perfect blend.

The versatility of Van Gogh oils makes them an ideal choice for artists of all levels. Whether you are taking your first steps in the art world, an advanced student or a working professional artist, these oils offer the quality and performance you need for your projects.

In addition to their exceptional quality, Van Gogh oils are available in a variety of sizes and cases to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you need a small tube for a specific project or prefer a full case with a selection of colors, you'll find options to suit your requirements.

In short, Van Gogh oils are an unparalleled choice when it comes to high-quality oil paints. With their great pastiness, exceptional coloring power, intense colors, ease of mixing and versatility, these oils are an indispensable tool for artists of all levels. Discover the wonderful experience of painting with Van Gogh oil paints and take your artwork to the next level.