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Model Color Vallejo 17ml.

Model Color Vallejo 17ml.

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MODEL COLOR 17 ml. Matt and opaque acrylic colours, water-based, specially formulated for use with a brush. The selection of colours is very diverse and offers references developed by our experts for use on historical figures as well as on all types of vehicles, aircraft and military figures.


MODEL COLOR 17 ml. The range contains a selection of transparent, patina and fluorescent colours in order to facilitate the achievement of various effects. It is recommended to apply them on a previously primed surface. MODEL COLOR The colours will dry quickly, forming a homogeneous, self-levelling film that respects the smallest detail present on the model. It has an exceptional behaviour on all substrates, the adhesion of the paint on resin, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary. The tools can be cleaned with water.

This paint is non-flammable and does not contain solvents. See information regarding product certifications in the Safety section.