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Model Air Vallejo. Set Wheels &...

Model Air Vallejo. Set Wheels & Tracks. 6 colours

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Model Air Vallejo. Set Wheels & Tracks 6 references of the Model Air range in 17 ml format to paint wheels and chains of different combat vehicles, trucks or artillery pieces of the allied armies and axis powers, operating during the Second World War.


The set includes colours to represent various types of rubber on wheels and tyres as well as to represent rubber on the mixed chains of both modern and WWII cars, including the painting of chains with a rust effect or polished metal from rubbing. The Ivory reference allows us to create powdered effects either by brush or airbrush.


6 x 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. Model Air

71.075 RAL1001 Elfenbein

71.080 Rust

71.315 Black Rubber

71.042 RLM61 Dunkelbraun

71.057 Black

71.072 Rifle

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